We use mixed exercise and conditioning modalities to achieve balanced fitness adaptations for the purposes of general health, functional capacity and competitive exercise.


Broadly, our aim is to promote heath, fitness and wellbeing to all.  More specifically, we have designed our methodology to achieve two main outcomes, these being:


To build fitness and capacity across the full spectrum of physical attributes in order to enhance what is now known as General Physical Preparedness (GPP).  Enhancing GPP will mean increased physical strength, speed, agility, muscular endurance, aerobic endurance, mobility and body composition ratios.  GPP can be measured by ones ability and capacity to perform physical tasks and and take on anything life may throw in ones way!


To develop high levels of athletic skill and capacity for the purposes of competitive exercise, functional fitness and high level physical development.

What is mixed modal training?

Mixed Modal is, simply, the use of mixed exercise and movement techniques combined with mixed conditioning modalities.  As our objective is to enhance fitness across the broad spectrum of physical attributes then we must condition the body using a varied and multi-modal approach.

    Our tools

    Weightlifting techniques such as squats, deadlifts, the Olympic lifts, dumbbell and kettle bell movements.

    Bodyweight exercises such as dips, jumps, handstand presses, pull-ups, muscle-ups and core work.

    Mono-structural “cardio” modalities such as rowing, running, nordic skiing and biking.

    Used as stand alone modalities these are all highly effective, proven conditioning tools.  When combined to elicit specific stimulus, the possibilities are almost endless!

    Our approach favours Technique, Consistency and Intensity as three main pillars on which our workout programming and progress is founded.  

    Progress tracking

    Built in to our method is a system which monitors and tracks your progress.  We use a battery of benchmark workouts and tests to asses your progress across the spectrum of fitness attributes.



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