An important part of the Motus Strength and CrossFit Worlds End experience is our personal training. Chelsea and Fulham are of course full of gyms that offer personal training, but our approach is different. We’re not about the fad “body transformations” – although through proper training you will attain impressive body composition and shape.

We make you fitter – specifically, fit for performance.

You will train in strength and conditioning to enable you to perform at a higher capacity.

You will also apply specific tools to improve your technical ability, so you can complete the required movements and perform and compete with others in CrossFit, if you choose.

You will get one-on-one technical coaching. Anyone can make you do sets of exercises until you’re exhausted, but that won’t necessarily get you to the next level of performance. Proper personal training is not about just tiring you out, but ensuring a progression through skill acquisition. Learning calisthenics is a complex set of skills. Likewise, to perform the Olympic lifts well also requires mastery of specific skills.

Who is personal training for?

It doesn’t matter what your current skill and fitness level is.

Through training with consistency and intent, you will develop strength, mobility and precision of movement.

A team of specialist coaches will provide you with the highest standard of coaching possible. Each trainer will be responsible for specific elements of your coaching.

We will make sure your technique is good and your physical condition is ready before progressing to the demanding calisthenics and Olympic lifting movements.

You can choose to focus on any of the following:

  • Calisthenics coaching – programs designed specifically to focus on bodyweight training and the acquisition of technical proficiency.
  • Olympic lifting – programs designed to focus on progress with the Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk).
  • Athlete preparation (strength & conditioning) – Bespoke programs for athletic/sports conditioning.

How does it work?

Frequency: We use six week training blocks as a general structure for personal training with clients completing 1 to 4 x 60 minute sessions per week.

Rates: From £70 per hour. See the membership page for more details.

Availability: Monday-Sunday dependant on coach availability.

Group training

Learn, develop and master specific movement and conditioning skills in a structured group setting. Group training involves an exercise class-based format with a specific focus and targeted ability requirement. See the schedule for information on class availability.

Small group personal training

Available on request, where small groups (2-4 people) share a common objective and can jointly commit to the same training schedule.

Individual personal training

For the trainees requiring individual service and program design. The most effective way to improve quickly, and always complements your classes and/or Group CoachingGreat for ironing out any specific issues to get you to the next level of your training. Contact us for coach availability.

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