Most of us have been injured at one time or another from sports or training, or have had pain manifesting from what life throws at us (deskbound jobs, keeping up with our kids, etc).

Motus Strength offers physiotherapy and sports therapy in Fulham/Chelsea with full access to our gym facilitiesWe treat people so they can continue what they enjoy doing and be pain free while doing it. We not only treat the existing problem but we give rehabilitation programs so the problem doesn’t come back.

We only use therapists who understand exercise, sport and movement alongside their soft tissue techniques.

But uniquely, because we run a gym, we know from experience that people get better consistently by doing high quality exercise. People don’t stick with corrective exercise for the long term.

We have years of experience in coaching calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting, and strength and conditioning. Exercise that is done with excellent form and that you enjoy is really the best medicine.

This is our approach to sports injury rehabilitation: first, soft tissue work, mobility, and strengthening exercises to help you recover and not relapse. Then, work with the positives that you have, building you up to achieve better function than before the injury.

Services offered:

  • Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy – for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of sports and other mechanical injuries.
  • Performance assessment and technical enhancement – specific evaluation and optimisation of training technique. Very effective for those with chronic problems or specific performance-related issues.

You don’t need to be a member of the gym to see someone for Physiotherapy. Just contact us to make an appointment.

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