A strength and conditioning coach uses weightlifting or exercise in general to achieve a specific sporting outcome. Although our calisthenics classes will increase your strength, and all our training will improve your conditioning (endurance), here we mean strength and conditioning to mean training you to get better athletic performance. So another term is athletic conditioning.

What better performance means really depends on you. A strength and conditioning programme for someone running the London Marathon would look very different to a programme for a competitive weightlifter, because the desired movement patterns are different.

In both cases, however, we would start with simple weightlifting and progress to technical movements.

Athletic conditioning includes not only pure strength, but also increasing mobility and endurance. There is a crossover with rehabilitation, because strong, mobile joints with good movement, and conditioned muscles are a goal of recovering from and preventing injury.

The basic mechanism of exercise is the body adapting to stress. Too much is detrimental; too little has no effect. Just enough will have the desired effect. Experience is a necessary prerequisite for a strength and conditioning coach, because they have to know how to do the right thing with the right person at the right time. Each strength and conditioning programme is individual.

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