Colleen Butler

Owner of Motus Strength/CrossFit Worlds End, Colleen was a professional ballet dancer, before she went on to study Sports Therapy and Strength and Conditioning. Having been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years, she has fallen in love with CrossFit® for what it stands for and is determined to spread her knowledge to everyone regardless of age, level of fitness and attitude! She is a stickler for technique, and strives to teach in such a way that members keep the skills for life. Colleen is a mother of two toddlers, which has cemented her obsession of the importance of physical activity more than ever. Look out for CrossFit® Kids coming in the near future!

Bruce Butler

Owner of Motus Strength/CrossFit Worlds End and the oldest and wisest of the team! Bruce’s experience and clear vision for our gym and box has been the solid foundation for Motus CFWE. He expects nothing but the highest level of coaching across all disciplines taught without exceptions. He has almost 20 years in the health and fitness industry in London and is a highly sought-after Sports Therapist and coach. Growing up in Shropshire naturally made him an exceptional climber, which has possibly had a knock-on effect to his calisthenics coaching! He has excelled in long distance running, swimming and cycling alongside continuous strength and conditioning training and coaching.

Sal Fierro

After a long career playing Handball at a high level and a few years of kickboxing, Sal took his interest in sports further by qualifying as a Personal Trainer. Sal gained PT experience and coaching classes in some of the premier gyms in London before moving to Saudi Arabia to train members of the Royal family. Always looking for new challenges and methodologies, Sal started CrossFit and soon utilised it in his PT sessions. He loves helping all his clients implement CrossFit in their everyday lives so they can reach their fitness and life goals; for this reason he is expanding his expertise studying Sports Nutrition. Sal has a special way of coaching that makes everyone push past their limits while still being able to keep it fun, enjoyable and even light-hearted!

Brad Welch

Brad has been working as a Strength and Conditioning coach for the past 3 years in central/south west London & is currently completing an MSc in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University. Having worked with members of Chelsea Ladies Football Club and the Great Britain hockey team in 2013/14, he realised his passion for Strength and Conditioning and now focuses solely on coaching the Olympic lifts on a one-to-one basis as well as running our Barbell Club. Whether someone is a total newbie to weightlifting, or a veteran gym-goer, Brad will guide you through all the best drills to bring out that hidden weightlifter inside of you! Brad is one of very few strength coaches who focus on individuals competing in endurance sports – predominantly trail/ultra running and Iron Man events. Over the past 18 months, athletes under his guidance have competitively raced all over the world, including trails in Italy, New Zealand, Iron Man events in Spain and the notorious 100 miler across the Arizona desert!

Sonia Fierro

Sonia is a qualified Sports Therapist as well as an Olympic weightlifting and Strength and Conditioning Coach with experience in performance enhancement and injury rehabilitation. She specialises in strength sports and treats athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to get back to activity after injury or want to get rid of chronic pain. She has worked with numerous weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit® athletes (she is part of the CrossFit® Meridian Regional Therapy Team and has worked at many CrossFit® UK competitions) and works as part of the Dive London medical team, providing soft tissue treatments to British Diving athletes. She has a deep interest for movement patterns and bio-mechanics, as well as motor control development, which she uses in combination with soft tissue treatments. Her treatments also include Medical Acupuncture and Osteopathic Manipulations. Sonia has competed in Roller Figure Skating and Track and Field at national level and representing her region. In recent years, she has taken on Olympic Weightlifting where she won the 2015 London and South East Championship and qualified for the English and British Championships.

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